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We've gathered for you some questions frequently asked by our customers.
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General Questions

Yes, there is no need for any HTML knowledge. The Embed form builder is easy and simple to use. Once you finish building your form, you receive a ready HTML code; all that's left is to copy and paste the code into the website management system.

Yes. The HTML code you receive can easily be embedded into all types of website management systems or directly into the website code. The code can be either Iframe or Script, according to your choice.

Yes. With the JUMBOembed form generator you can create a form in any language you might want.

Creating a File Upload Form

Once the Embed form has been created, you will receive a ready HTML code. All you have to do is embed the code into the website management system according to where you wish to display the form.

Yes. Using the JumboEmbed form generator enables you to create several personalized forms, each suiting a different service offered in your website. Each form has a unique HTML code which you can embed according to its designated spot within your website.

No. Using the JUMBOembed form builder you can create forms designed to suit the kind of the orders you receive. The form can include optional and required fields, multiple choice fields, plain text fields, and more. The form can include a single field or multiple different fields.

Managing Work Orders

Managing work orders All the files sent to you using the Embed file upload form reach an order management panel in the JumboEmbed website. Through this panel you can manage your work orders and access all the uploaded files and relevant information needed in order to continue processing the order.

In addition to embedding a work order and file upload form, you can embed an order tracking form. Once a customer has made his order, he will receive an order number with which he can check the status of his order by entering it into the tracking form.

The order management panel in the JumboEmbed website enables you to easily and efficiently track all the orders you receive. In the panel you can search and filter the orders by date or statuses. In addition, you can export activity logs displaying all the details of the orders according to specific dates.

Yes. The JumboEmbed management system enables you to download several work orders at once. In addition, you can set files to be automatically downloaded to a predefined folder in your computer using an FTP connection.

Once a potential customer fills in the work order details, these details are automatically saved within the JumboEmbed management panel under the status: "order created". This allows you to reach potential leads and contact them for further processing, even though they didn't upload files.

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